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Digital Marketing

I am passionate about design and digital marketing, and I believe that every project should have a unique strategy. With experience in social media, branding, email marketing and more, there is a different strategy and plan for each company. More information regarding my skillset below.

Web Design

  • I've played a pivotal role in shaping the digital presence of over 50 college organizations by designing, updating, and maintaining interactive websites through WordPress. My responsibilities extended beyond website creation, encompassing the seamless execution of events, from booking to takedown, to enhance user experience. Additionally, I've help integrate features like QR codes, providing attendees with on-site trip itineraries upon scanning. Notably, these websites have successfully accommodated up to 4,000 concurrent users during large-scale event sales, showcasing my ability to create dynamic and scalable digital platforms that cater to diverse organizational needs.

Email Marketing

  • I've curated impactful email campaigns for over 50 clients, utilizing Mailchimp as a primary tool for crafting engaging and visually appealing marketing emails. My proficiency extends beyond design, encompassing a strategic approach that incorporates Mailchimp's analytics to track and analyze the performance of each campaign. By seamlessly blending creativity with data-driven insights, I've consistently delivered email marketing solutions that not only captivate audiences but also yield measurable results, fostering enhanced client engagement and brand visibility.

Social Media

  • In the age of a prominent digital world, having not only an online presence but also a social media presence is extremely important. Not only does it provide company to client relations, it also helps show the company's product in new ways as well as stay relevant in an ever-changing digital world. One thing that I have learned is to create out numerous engaging templates to keep consistency within a brand while on social media. See below social templates created, as well as analytical growth. 

  • In my professional journey, I have honed my expertise in leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics to optimize social media strategies. My proficiency extends to navigating diverse social media platforms, where I have successfully implemented data-driven campaigns. Utilizing tools such as HootSuite and, I have streamlined social media planning, ensuring cohesive and targeted messaging across channels. My impact is tangible, evidenced by an average 17% growth on social platforms. These achievements underscore my ability to not only interpret data but also to translate insights into strategic actions, fostering substantial growth across multiple platforms.

    • Key Achievements:

      • 7% growth on Instagram through targeted content and engagement strategies.

      • 40% surge in Facebook engagement, optimizing reach and user interactions

      • 4% growth on X from data-driven initiatives

  • My expertise in social media management is marked by my ability to create comprehensive plans tailored to specific company needs. Through strategic analysis, I have experience:

    • Identifying target audiences and develop user personas, ensuring content resonates effectively.

    • Crafting engaging social media templates and determining optimal posting times for optimize outreach.

    • Successfully orchestrating recurring content schedules, including monthly event promotions, pre-event excitement posts, and post-event recaps, providing a well-rounded strategy for consistent engagement.

    • Setting a suitable posting frequency per week, aligning with company goals and audience preferences.

Copy Writing

  • I've honed my writing skills through a multifaceted role that involved crafting impactful press releases, copy editing, and adhering to the AP Style guidelines. My expertise extends to creating compelling articles for online sources, where I seamlessly blend creativity with precision to deliver engaging content. Whether meticulously editing copy for clarity and consistency or developing original articles, my proficiency in writing spans various styles and mediums, ensuring a polished and professional representation of the intended message.

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