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About Hayley

Hi! I'm Hayley Burris, a young professional based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. During my undergrad, I studied journalism and storytelling but constantly strived for more. Graduating during the pandemic, I wanted to expand my skillset before entering the workforce. During my Masters, for Emerging Media Design and Development, I learned human computer interaction, UX design, transmedia storytelling, and marketing. I loved being able to combine my love for storytelling, UX design and marketing to create a more immersive and digital experience while promoting the products and services as a whole through creative marketing. 


During my time at Ball State, I was fortunate enough to work with David Letterman helping create out an augmented reality app where current and former students can see how campus has changed while also learning about the fun campus facts and traditions. ​


Currently, I am a marketing coordinator based in the travel industry. I love to use my previous knowledge and skills to find ways to make our products more interactive and easier to use for our travelers while also promoting our company as a whole.

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